First blog post

All you bookworms out there, welcome to Read & Reviewed. Being a book lover, what I (and most people out there) do before choosing a book is check its reviews. This inspired me to write reviews for the books that I have read or will read in the future, in an attempt to help ease the burden  of choosing a book. Although the books will be reviewed in the best possible way, they are only my views and opinions. Hence this blog should be used only as a guide and not as the final verdict.

I also aspire to be a writer and this blog is a way to help myself grow. Any comments on my style of writing and tips to help me become a better writer are always welcome.

This blog recognizes the efforts the authors put into writing a book and I would like to stress on the fact that it is not for criticizing authors or books. It is only to bring out features of the book you may or may not like.

I hope you find it useful. Read away!!


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