Global Warming- Are you aware?

Placeholder ImageThe year 2016 started of with soaring temperatures. This year is the hottest year to date and this fact screams out two words: Global Warming. Urbanization and the greed to lead a life of luxury is taking its toll on our beautiful planet. Yet no note-worthy efforts have been made to reduce this seemingly unstoppable phenomenon. Do people even realize that the planet is doomed should this continue?

One of the most worrisome factors is the melting of polar ice caps and the consequences it can have to life on Earth. Vehicles running on petrol/ diesel, air conditioners etc release a lot of Carbon di-oxide and Carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These gases release a lot of energy in the form of heat which leads to high temperatures. Over the years, this heat starts melting the polar ice. Polar ice caps help regulate sea levels and global temperatures (Click here to learn about the effects of melting of polar ice caps). Melting of ice caps leads to increase in sea level and it is already predicted that there is a good chance that many coastal cities will one day be under water.

Global warming also leads to extreme weathers. Living in Bangalore, I bear witness to this. The highest temperature recorded in 2016 was around 40 degree Celsius. This is the highest temperature Bangalore has ever experienced. Global warming also leads to drought which hinders agriculture. The list of concerns go on and on.

It is time to stop thinking of the things money can buy and start thinking of ways to bring the earth back to its former glory (although it may be a little too late for that). Here are a few things which you can do to prevent the planet’s destruction.

Planting trees is a very effective way to reduce global warming. If you are a person living in India, “Say Trees” is an organisation that is actively involved in tree plantation and you can plant a tree as a volunteer there if you do not have enough space to plant a tree at home.

It’s now or never. Take a step towards a better future!!


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